Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server

Small Biz PC OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers Hosting

Renting Virtual Private Server is a lot like renting an apartment. Some apartments are in a 4-plex meaning one building has four apartments. In this arrangement traffic is low and the apartments tend to be large. Some apartments are in high density high rise buildings, with lots of traffic. When one rents an apartment they get their own space and have quite a bit of control of the space.

Virtual Private servers can house lots of (apartments) or virtual servers in one box. Some Virtual Private Server vendors put so many servers in the box that it becomes like a highrise with lots of traffic. One more virtual server could bring the box to its knees. Our servers are somewhere between the Highrise and the 4-plex, and have lots of room for you to grow your business, and have extra lanes to handle your traffic.

At Small Biz Pc our servers run on Solid State Disk Drives which are more like a memory chip than a disk drive. Solid State drives are just a bunch of chips that can store and move data at the speed of light. There are no spinning plates, no read heads moving back and forth meaning all the energy is being spent moving your data.

Our Virtual Private Servers give you full control of your server, you manage all aspects of the server. You can install software, and pretty much do whatever you want. That’s a lot of freedom, and with that comes a lot of possibilities. You do however need to know a little about operating system management and web server maintenance. If your not ready for that much control just yet, try one of our web site hosting packages, they are a little more constrained in user manageability but they are awesome for web hosting. If you don’t have the experience required for managing your own server, but you really prefer a virtual private server over a Web Server. You can rent a virtual private server from us, then just upgrade your virtual private server to our managed virtual private server. We will take care of the admin functions for you.

Our Virtual Servers give you a choice of Linux-based Operating Systems: Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu. These are the most popular Linux-based Operating Systems  powering the majority internet servers. With each of these Linux-based Operating Systems, you can use our free Hepsia web hosting Control Panel to manage every aspect of your servers.

Each hosting plan allows one static IP address. A static IP address is an address that is yours, and never changes. This can be good for securely connecting to other machines that you own. Some software vendors, and services will also require a static IP address.

Our technical support staff is ready to reply to all your questions 24/7/365. We offer a sixty-minute response time guarantee.

All virtual web hosting servers are configured by us free of charge – there aren’t any server setup fees. Your virtual private hosting server will be completely operational in no more than 60 min and we offer a 99.9 percent network uptime warranty.

Get your Virtual Private Server today from our cloud servers division.


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