Solution: Appointments from phone not showing on Google Calendar


Calendar Events or invitations added on Iphone not showing on Google calendar – 2 ways


When you add events, or accept invitations, on your iphone, they can accidentally save to the incorrect- not google- calendar.

If you only use one email on your phone….

When you get an invite or add an event- Check the calendar choice, click on Calendar before you click accept….


Make sure it shows the gmail account you are using, or click on the correct account, then go back to invite page, and click accept.

To save this change for all new invites and events, open calendar on your phone, and click on “Calendar” at bottom center.

Unselect any calendar you do not wish to use, click Done at top of page.


If you use more than one email from your phone, the best answer may be to view your exchange email in Google calendar on your PC.

  1. In Exchange outlook, go to Calendar, right click  Permissions, then Publish Calendar.




  1. Copy the ICS url
  2. In Google Calendar, drop down the arrow next to Other Calendars and choose “Add by URL


Paste the url in the link area.

Click OK, after a minute your Exchange calendar should be visible.



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