Perimeter Security

Network Security – Get the Best!

Small business is more likely to be attacked than larger business because small business until now have not been able to get adequate protection. With good equipment handling your internet access, you can achieve seamless access to your cloud servers, be hosting an on site website, or just sharing data with customers and vendors, while doing online research of products and ideas. The list is endless these days. With Unified Threat Management built into the Watchguard systems, you have the best in class security system, bar none!  Worried about Ransomware? With this solution, you can forget about it!  This is total perimeter security including antivirus. We don’t just prevent hackers, but we get rid of the vast majority of viral threats and ransomware before they even make it to your local area network, and with no perceptible loss in performance.

Remote Access to the Office

If you are using remote desktop (RDP) or (RDC) software to connect to Windows workstations, this forces you to keep a windows port open on your router; allowing bad guys access! Remote desktop ports are highly insecure and we get a good sum of our revenue doing damage control from just this one application. Two major issues with leaving that port open is bot traffic overloading pc and server resources. The bots know you have Microsoft Servers and PC’s because of the port open on your router, and the PC’s or servers answering on that port are a dead-giveaway. The rogue intruders eventually discover user accounts and try passwords against them, and if your user security is set up right, the accounts get disabled, and the real user is locked out of company resources. Eventually user accounts and passwords are discovered, and ransomware can be installed in the background while your working. It does not have to be this way! Watchguard remote desktop system brings you back into compliance with all the regulators and give you peace of mind.

There are products such as Logmein, Go to my pc and others that are inexpensive in the short run, and are rather cumbersome. All the previously mentioned Remote desktop solutions require you to have a remote PC and a work PC. Our solution allows you to have a desktop at work if you like, but does not require one. Just one laptop can work both in the office and anywhere you are with internet access. Your remote computer will have the same desktop and the same options that you have while sitting at the office, and if the internet is good at the remote office, the same speeds. Remote access to the office component requires a radius server either as a linux daemon, or as an application on Windows Server.

Data Loss Prevention

Ever wonder if employees are sending out trade secrets? Watchguard has a configurable data loss prevention service to help you know what is going out the door.

Compliance with International, Federal, and Credit Card Regulations

The Watchguard Firebox systems that we recommend are fully GDPR compliant, PCI compliant and use Unified Threat Management to protect you and your business. These boxes streamline remote access allowing the people and software you want to access your data to do so in a secure and efficient manner. These are not the cheapest firewall out there, but we believe they are the best. When comes to protecting your business, you can’t afford anything but the best.

Where does the Watchguard need to be placed?

If you have a Internet provider provided router, place it on the inside of the router. Run the outbound cable from the watchguard, run the inbound cable from the watchguard to your internet network switch or hub. Unplug any cables on the internet router and plug them into the firebox. Turn off any WIFI on the internet router to force all traffic in and out of your building through the watchguard.

Watchguard Support Package

We don’t believe in leaving anything to chance, so we only recommend the WatchGuard’s Gold Total Security Suite where you get 7/24 live support.

If you allow wireless phones, printers or other devices on your network, you need the T70. The T-70 is a full featured wireless security device, LAN security device, and Remote Access device that is  good for 60 people in the office and can handle 75 Remote Users.  To secure the wireless network, you will need to buy the Watchguard access points listed below. We can configure the appliance for $200.00 basic setup or $500.00 for basic setup and configuration of remote access clients. The Monthly maintenance fee is only $50.00 and includes management of remote users (adds, edits…) and verification that updates are applied and working. The following is a series of videos that will show you more than you ever wanted to know about security, and how to get the most out of this product.

We use web blocker to stop computers from access web sites that are known to house malicious software.
Use watchguard WiFi hot spots in your building to prevent viruses / ransomware from entering your Lan via laptops and phones. These devices are not under your control, but you can stop them from spreading unwanted traffic on to your network. This product is a must if you allow anyone to connect to your network or internet wireless.