Support Contracts

Windows Server Maintenance and Windows Desktop Maintenance are the biggest part of what we do.  Once the I.T. Foundation is in place and stable, maintenance becomes key. Your car needs oil changes and tires pressure checks and periodic diagnostics to be run. Your computer networks are not much different.  When you purchase a complete maintenance plan with security, your systems are monitored for failures and potential failures 100% of the time. We watch your bandwidth at the firewall router if you are buying that service from us. We provided automated maintenance done on at a regular interval based on the requirements of your company. Windows updates are performed during off hours in order to keep you productive.  We are more than a Network Operations Center for small businesses, but also offer full service support for servers and PC’s. We bill on a month to month basis, we do a multi-point service check on all the contracted servers and PC’s. We look for signs of impending hardware failure, security issues, and software issues. All our services are performed remotely. If we find any issues they are immediately reported to you if we can’t resolve them.

We are watching your back, so you don’t have to. Though our systems are automated, they are watched like a hawk.
Our plans are surprisingly inexpensive. If you are interested hearing more or in signing up for a maintenance plan.
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