Network Maintenance

Automated Antivirus / Malware / Ransomware Prevention

We provide Automated / Centrally managed Antivirus / Malware / Ransomware Prevention. Automated PC and Server Maintenance, are key to a solid I.T. foundation. Your network needs a quality product that takes care of this part of your systems. Our solution is extremely effective. We install it on your systems, you forget about it, we manage it to makes sure it is doing its job. Virus alerts, PC maintenance, patches and minor software repairs occur in the background. You rarely even know they occur, but we do. The software notifies us, we check to make sure it was cleaned up, and only notifies you if action needs to be taken on your end. With a full maintenance contract we can do most fixes without involving anyone in your company, and support most Windows software. We will install a complete desktop and/ or server anti-virus, monitoring and maintenance solution. All you have to do is subscribe.  That’s it, there are no other fees. You can cancel any time you want.

We think you will like having us looking after your systems, because you know your in good hands and have real work to do.

Benefits at a glance

Entry Level Virus / Malware / Ransomware only

  • Fee is $100.00 a month per server and $80 per workstation with a 30 day commitment
  • Great Malware, Antivirus, and Ransomware detection
  • Scanner Always up to date if your computer is on the internet.
  • Monitors file changes in mass – looking for encryption replication behavior
  • Checks file intentions on new files before they open
  • Warns you if an untrusted application performs low level actions
  • Verifies system modifications before they are made
  • Prevents untrusted applications from modifying Kernel files
  • Prevents any application from altering your host file – This is critical as many viruses mask DNS entries using the host file
  • Blocks malicious websites in the browser
  • Anti-phishing tool guards against phishing schemes
  • Can block your users from bypassing malicious website-warnings
  • Verifies a website’s identity before allowing the site to come up
  • Blocks websites from collecting high risk tracking information about you
  • Prevents programs from accessing your protected credentials
  • Prevent key logging programs from running on non Latin keyboards
  • Automated PC maintenance Hard drive, memory
  • Monitor your PC’s, Mac’s and Windows Servers
  • Install Windows patches Windows Server 2012 and later.
  • Install Windows patches Windows 10 or later
  • Notify on application install, update
  • Notify on resource usage such as memory near full use
  • 7- a.m. to 5 – p.m. PST – No fee Phone Support services, and Remote support services at one low flat per workstation monthly fee. (Support is limited to malfunctioning applications and hardware, new users, adds moves changes, verifying server backups, maintenance. Operating System upgrades are done at or normal hourly rate. Application programming is not something we do not do, but can arrange.) After hours (5:00 p.m. Pacific time), weekends and holidays are billed at current hourly rate.

If we are not performing, just call and cancel. We have a no hassle guarantee. We do want to know why your not happy so we can improve the product for others, but you will not be asked to purchase anything else. Your happiness is our priority!

Premier members who subscribe to out UTM Firewall Services,  Disaster Recovery plan you save an additional 20% off our monthly per device rate. That’s a $200 monthly savings with just 10 managed Servers! The more devices you have us manage, the more you save!

Sign up now, call us today at 503-798-0422.