Small Biz PC takes a holistic view of your business.  We spend the time to understand your business, and help you improve processes, develop and implement paperless strategies,  and meet compliance requirements. We can do a complete inventory of  your business processes, helping you to securely automate the right business functions. We supply a consistent US-based technician to your company,  this will save you time and frustration. We can help you evolve your company and maintain it’s technical presence as business  and technologies grow closer together.

We can also be that company who takes care of your daily technology details, or just be available to answer questions.  Whether you need network planning, server/ P.C. maintenance or occasional trouble shooting, we are available with just a phone call.

We love small business, if your company has less than 60 computers, we are your source. Small Biz PC is designed for small companies like yours with limited or no technical expertise on site. Small Biz PC is also very good at assisting when your technology personnel just need someone to take on some of the workload.   We do not want to replace your I.T. people we just want to be there for them in whatever capacity they need.

For those with no on site expertise we can keep your network up, backed up,  and cleaned up. We are available to do the daily admin stuff like adding, removing users, and even installing user profiles on computers.  We bill on an hourly basis for support calls. We will give not to exceed pricing for larger projects that have a finite close. Monthly contracts are available as well.

If we have not covered it here, we probably do it. Give us a call 503-798-0422 (For security purposes, new clients have to leave a voicemail, and we return your call.)


Small Biz PC  specializes in companies  running Windows, QuickBooks, and other third-party software. We believe an ounce of prevention is worth more than a hundred pounds of cure. It is easy to build a business by buying a PC, a router and a server from your local  store, but that is not always the most effective way to build your technical infrastructure. Once we know you and your business, we can create a plan, and recommend the best equipment for the job.  We do not sell equipment. Buying online is easy and cost effective, but we will guide you to what you need.


Maintenance Contracts

Sign up for our PC and Server Maintenance Program today. We will keep your laptops, PC’s and servers running optimally for their environment. When problems arise, we find and implement the correct solutions quickly and efficiently. We know your time is valuable, and you don’t have money to burn. We can do many software upgrades, with little or no effort on your part. All work is done remotely and securely, no unknown person ever enters your home or place of business. (You see every move, determine when and how long we have access to your equipment.) Our sessions are logged and the logs  are yours to keep.

All Windows Server and most PCs and laptops should be reviewed monthly to keep them in good running order. Like the 3000 mile oil change on your car, computers have maintenance needs too. Our 10 step process that we perform on a bi-weekly basis covers those needs, starting with checking for malware, a major issue for any PC connected to the internet.

Our monthly maintenance plans keep your Business Computers up and running, and keep your customers happy with less downtime.

Think you might have a virus

Don’t feel bad, no matter the quality of your antivirus software, sometimes ransomware, viruses and Malware will get through.  If you are experiencing odd behavior with one of your computers, we can help.  The sooner we are involved, the sooner you will be free frustration. Call us at 503-798-0422


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