Google will be requiring all websites to be using SSL throughout the site by end of 2017

Google’s new requirement will affect most very small websites. Most information-only website are not currently using SSL, and will have to be updated, and pay more for the service, if they want google to list the website. SSL(Secure Socket Layer) used to be required only for pages that required information from the reader such as credit cards, and other personal information. SSL allows the web site reader a way to know that a real identifiable entity created the site, making credit card fraud and identity theft more difficult. If the end user does not see the secured flag in the address bar, he knows not to enter his personal information. SSL also makes the data going to and from the web site encrypted making the data stream unreadable to eaves droppers.

We think Google hopes that if it only shows sites that are completely enabled by SSL, that the authors are serious, since they have taken the time to register with an SSL authority, be identified and implement the technology on their sites, and paid the fees.

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Athena Pantekoek

Small Biz Pc.

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