G-Suites and Outlook Email Client- They don’t play nice- Categories

G-Suites and Outlook Email Client- They don’t play nice- Categories Do not Save

December 17, 2017

By Small Biz PC

Many very small companies are taking advance of the inexpensive professional email address, and G Suites  free Sheets and Google Drive.

The challenge with this is Google does not provide a full email client- just the simple Gmail from the browser. So each user will need to use ( and purchase) Outlook or another client if they need more than Gmail.  So you have a Microsoft Front End, and a Google Back End. The two companies name and save different information to the server.  One of the largest issues is Calendar and Contacts will not automatically sync through. Other settings will not appear if you have two pc, or two people sharing an account. Categories do not work on I MAP, do not appear the Outlook ribbon.

The first thing to try to fix these issues is to install Gsuite Sync for Outlook software (https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gappssync), and then re-setup your email account in Outlook. This was created to sync Calendar and Contacts. The Email account will look different- it will say GSUITE-youremailaddress@something.com.

Good things to know if you are using this setup. In Outlook you create Folders, in gmail they are called Labels. You can set the gmail labels with colors, and label individual emails. A labeled mail will stay in the inbox, but also show in all the “folder” on the left. It can be in more than one list.

After you install the sync, you can use Categories in Outlook. The category choice will appear, but these categories will only work on one device. If you open your Outlook on another PC, the categories you created on the first PC will not appear.

We researched some third party category sharing software, but so far none of them has been able to share categories between machines that are not on the same network. If you know of a solution, please leave a comment.

Small Biz PC


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